Instant Face Towel Printing

Thinking of designing a face towel for yourself or for your loved ones? You can do it now with ease with JoSa Imaging. Our towels are made of a mixture of cotton and micro fibre which ensures it is soft and comfortable to the touch. It is 38cm by 25cm long so that you can print the entire surface of the towel. Our towels are suitable for various uses like birthday gifts, gym, running and normal everyday usage.

We are able to offer instant face towel printing for your events! Do contact us should you have any enquiries.

–Description: White microfiber face towel (30cm x 60cm)

–One time Setup Fee: $270 (includes printers, cameras, heat press etc)

–Price per towel to be charged accordingly to customer’s requirements. Do check with us to get an actual quote base on your design.

Face Towels

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