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9 Unforgettable Customized Corporate Gift Ideas For Clients


Corporate gifting shows how much you care about your employees and clients, helping forge strong relationships with a personal touch. In fact, as per the survey, 63% of companies provide gifts to their employee to keep them motivated and engaged. In this modern world of corporate events, these gifts will help incorporate your brand’s name and products. Corporate gifting is not all about gifts but also about promoting the brand and celebrating success.

Gifts or presents are an excellent way to show gratitude, but if you want your gifts to leave a strong impression, customized corporate gifts do the work. In this fast-paced business world, where there are so many choices, selecting the perfect gift can be a challenging process. Here, JoSa Imaging guides you on what makes a great business gift, plus a roundup of customized corporate gift ideas you can explore this season.

  1. Printed T-Shirts

Printed T-shirts are a popular choice for corporate gifts, and for good reason. You can customize the t-shirt as you like. For example, your company’s logo or message. When employees wear these shirts, they become walking billboards, providing free and far-reaching advertising for your brand.

At JoSa Imaging, we provide you with high-quality, tailor-made t-shirt printing. We have various catalogs featuring various models and colors to suit your needs.

  1. Ball Point Pens

Ballpoint pens are a classic choice for corporate gifts. Pens are practical and universally used; whether in the office, during meetings, or on the go, everyone can use an extra pen. Moreover, if it is a customized one, it’s a plus. Customized pens offer an excellent platform to showcase your company’s logo and contact information. With each use, your brand gets noticed. Here at JoSa Imaging, we can print both photos and words on the pens. Also, we have pens available that you can choose from depending on your budget – silver premium stainless steel and white plastic pens.

  1. Sports bottles

Personalized water bottles add elegance to every sip. These customized corporate gift ideas make your client feel appreciated and valued. This is a unique way to show gratitude. Use high-quality bottle material, which will affect its longevity. Added logos and quotes will make every bottle unique in itself.

  1. Calendars

Calendars are very useful whether in offices or homes. They will help people to stay organized and plan their schedules for important meetings and deadlines. Calendars are the most practical tool and useful in day-to-day life. Calendars are always on the desk and constantly remind us of upcoming important dates and events. Customizing it for your client, with their names and important dates, will add a personal touch to the gift. Calendars are the best customized corporate Gift Idea for the corporate event. Calendars featuring the critical dates will be a thoughtful gift and will reflect that you’ve taken the time out to gift them according to their need. This level of customization shows genuine initiative taken to build a relationship with the client. By doing this, you will last your impression for a whole year.

  1. Travel Tags

Monogrammed tags are very contemporary when it comes to customized corporate gift ideas. Every time the client uses their tag, it will remind them of this gesture. Customized Tags added to modern travel accessories. Some clients have to travel frequently, so these items will not only enhance their travel experience but also keep their belongings aligned.

  1. Printed Mugs

Unlike some corporate gifts that are quickly forgotten, customized mugs have a long-lasting impact. Whenever you sip coffee in these mugs, you see the company’s logo on it, thus making it a memorable thing.  These personalized mugs become an integral part of one’s life as they become a daily reminder of your brand. This is a very unique way of promoting your brand. They serve as symbols of thoughtfulness and appreciation. JoSa Imaging has an experienced team member who works closely with you to bring vision to life.

  1. Mousepads

In this digital era, computers are an integral part of one’s life. Everyone uses computers, so gifting them a customized mousepad is a fantastic idea. Personalized mousepads include Cleint’s name written on them, a motivational quote, and the company’s logo. These mousepads will enhance their workspace. We at JoSa Imaging ensure that the printing technology used is top-notch.

  1. Power – banks

Power banks can be the best gift in terms of practicality. They help us to stay connected and never run out of battery of our devices. By adding small quotes on it, make it a heartfelt gesture.

  1. Badges

Customised badges are a creative way when it comes to making clients special. You can design these badges with your company’s logo, a motivational quote, or symbols that resonate with your company’s motive. The client can wear these small tokens of love. These badges will also the publicity of your brand.


Corporate gifts are special not because they are gifts but because of the time and patience put into them. These gifts also reflect that you are willing to go the extra mile for the sake of your business relationships. To make your client feel special, we have provided ample suggestions like personalized mugs, customized mousepads, fun badges, travel tags, and many more. Customized corporate gift ideas are the best way to show your appreciation to your clients. These gifts reflect that you have taken the extra initiative to last your impression and make it memorable for your client.

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