10 Useful Door Gift Ideas For Your Event

10 Useful Door Gift Ideas For Your Event

Whether your business is newly launched or already very recognizable, you must think of exciting ways to promote it. One such method is distributing goody bags, aka door gifts.

Door gifts come in handy when deciding to give something to the audience that they can take home with them as a memory or souvenir from product launches and events. You can imprint your brand logo or name on the door presents to play a fantastic marketing strategy.


Now, let’s get ahead and unleash ten practical door gift ideas for your event.

#1 Face Towel

To gift an item people come across daily – you must get face towels. Giving towels represents warmth and care. It shows how considerate your brand is about the audience. Get soft fabric face towels in adoring colours and your brand logo printed to present as door gifts.

#2 Jigsaw Puzzle 

Depending on your business type, you may present a Jigsaw puzzle as a door gift to your audience. Mainly, if your audience includes people from their 20s to 40s, this gift will perfectly work as their children will love them.

#3 Mugs

Everyone loves gifts, especially when they are personalized. If you are holding an event involving a few selected people, you can give customized mugs as door gifts. Imprint each person’s name on it and your brand logo with the brand name printed along with it.

#4 Cotton Canvas Pouch

Cotton canvas pouches are usable items that people can use to stuff miniature things of any type. They are easy to stuff in a briefcase, laptop, and tote bag. You can print your logo or name on its plain surface top and advertise your brand efficiently.

#5 Wooden Coaster

This is one of the best door gift ideas that is highly functional. You can easily find it at a low cost, even with your brand logo imprinted on it.

#6 Water Bottle

A water bottle is a fantastic gift item that is sure to come into use. The best part about gifting them with your brand logo imprinted is that it will let your brand gain wider publicity. Wherever the bottle goes, it will advertise your brand effectively.

#7 Cushion Cover

The cushion cover gives you a large area to imprint your brand’s details to promote. The whole canvas is yours; you can put your brand’s message and tagline along with the brand name.

#8 Leather Tablemat 

Some might not know, but they need tablemats on their dining table to protect it from food stains, watermarks, or heat damage. You can sort them out by providing a high-quality leather table mat with your brand information displayed on it. High-quality table mats won’t just protect the table but also add to its aesthetics.

#9 Button Badge

Design button badges with your brand’s tagline and logo on it. Pick some attractive colours in different shapes, including circles, ovals, squares, etc., and choose the quality printing services of JoSa Imaging to get top-notch quality.

#10 Keychains

Keychain suits every age group people. You can give a simple keychain with your brand details on it. Every time your recipient looks at the keyring, it will remind them of your brand. This accessory in beautiful colours and designs is a practical yet fantastic door gift idea.

Tips for Selecting Door Gifts

Here are some tips that you must remember to select the right door gift items for your event:

  • Quality Gift Items – Because the item has your brand name and logo imprinted, ensure its quality is top-notch. It leaves a good impression on people’s minds about your brand.
  • Check Availability – Know whether the item you want to gift to the audience is available in bulk.
  • Easily Customizable – Choose items that are easy to customize. Keychains, coasters, and pillow covers are easily customizable. You can imprint your brand logo or name on them without any issues.

Wrapping Up

Whether the recipient likes the gift or not is always a big concern. But with these gifting ideas, it is not anymore. Each gift item is thoughtfully selected and will suit every taste type. Without any worry, go with any door gift option of your choice from the above list.

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